Who are we?

Share Your Page are a relatively new service which aims to join all social network sites (such as Piczo, MySpace, Hi5...). List your page here and get lots of hits to your personal page from people just like yourself. In the same way you can search through our listings, make friends and chat.

Why should I signup?

We are a completely free service - so the question maybe should be why would you not want to sign up... we can't think of any reasons ;)

Now to answer the question, we provide an very easy way to get hits to your site. After all that's what most people want, a site that people actually see and not forgoten about. Thousands of people have signed up here so why not join them and meet new people. We offer an easy way to communicate with other members right here without compromising your privacy. We also show you how you site is doing on our network - like providing hits and profile views and other cool stuff such who last viewed your page.

Notice our search box at the top of the page? This provides and easy way for others to find you (or not if you want to remain hidden of course).

Okay I'm convinced where do I go now?

It simple to sign up - simply fill in our Sign up page registration form and you're ready to go. Don't worry the form is short, other infomation for your profile can be added later in the members area whenever you get a chance.