What's it all about?

We are essentually a social networking site - but with a difference in that we allow users to promote their other sites they might have. ie. Get lots more hits to your profile!

Do I need a site/page already to use shareyourpage.com?

No not at all - you can always share your shareyourpage.com page ;). In fact Shareyourpage.com works just like many other popular social networking sites. You can add friends, videos and have message boards.

How do I get listed on the front page?

We have a ranking system which determines who gets listed where. Generally speaking new users and recently signed in users should get a front page listing - so relogging into your account regularly will help improve your presence and get more hits.

How can I improve my ranking?

While we are not going to go indepth into our complicated system ;) we can provide some tips to help you stay in the top 10 for as long as possible. These include;

I have a commercial site - can I list it here?

We don't refuse anyone entry to shareyourpage initially, having said that we favour social network sites. ie. pages about you not your friends web design business site. We are a community of users we encourage sharing of profile pages such as MySpace, Bebo or Hi5. If a users has his own domain ie. mygreatnewsite.com - we tend not to rank these types of URL as highly as bebo.com/mememe

Can I add HTML to my page?

Yes we encourage our users to be as creative as possible. HTML allows more flexibility