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User: shiftcomma3
"Music is not your boyfriend. Your music scene is not a fashion show."
Sex: female
Location: Vagina Avenue, AU
Member Since: 15/02/2007
Last Login: 22/11/2008
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Looking to: Make Friends
Status: Single
Ethnicity: Chinese
Religion: None/Agnostic
Education: In School
Drinker: No
Smoker: No

About Me / Comments

I`ve just finished playing a new war game called love. It was pretty complicated and had given me a deep womb. I`m still recovering from it, so don`t expect me to be brave and strong like before. I`m trying to not care, not to love, not to give a second thought about what people think of me. But I gotta admit, I`m still the dejected and vulnerable girl I was before. I`m trying to change me, yet I feel like I`m making no progress. But whatever, I`ll achieve what I want in no time and I won`t be looked down on anymore. I`m Davee. Call me a bitch, slut, whore, skank. Whatever floats your boat. I ain`t gonna change for you. Because I know you bitches will kill to see me fall.

I used to care alot about what people thought of me. Then I learned I definitely can`t please everyone. Some people will like you & some people will hate you but I donít really care either way, Iím not losing



no friends.


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*  Comment by xdeadxdollx

09/07/2007 16:25:52

Sure Thing =]