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User: xoxsex_iixox
Website: http://xoxsex_iixoxback.com
Sex: female
Location: *W*H*A*N*G*A*Z*, NZ
Member Since: 31/05/2007
Last Login: 15/06/2007
Profile Views: 89
Clicks: 406 [0 today]

Looking to: Make Friends
Ethnicity: Other
Religion: Other
Education: In School
Drinker: Yes
Smoker: Yes

About Me / Comments

***HeY HeY****

WeLl Mii
NaMeZ AmElIa!!!
uHm Im 16!! WoOp WoOp PaRtii PaRtii!!!

UhM YuP YuP!!

love going out with my girls!
Hard out!!
Ma gurlz Love Yous heapz!!!
Puti, Kara, Talia, Aliee, Tayla, Teia!!!

nd al da 1z me missd!!

well i only started ths page bcoz u cnt go on bebo at skewl!!!
pwiti dumb bt yup yup!!!

uhm yeah well datz meh bi!!!

.***(G)et (k)runk**..


!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
WoOp WoOp
well i LOVE getng KRUNK!!!

Ohh yup yup!! You Gota Love Sport!!!
I Love Playing NetBall nD Basketball!!!!!


no friends.


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*  Comment by bad_boyz

31/05/2007 06:27:33

hello hey add me on bebo and leave me a comment thenn i can get to your page alite .....x x

*  Comment by bad_boyz

02/06/2007 18:50:14

just hit on my bebo web site link it well take you to my bebo page