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User: hotman
Sex: male
Location: Welshpool, GB
Member Since: 26/02/2007
Last Login: 12/07/2007
Profile Views: 1
Clicks: 0 [0 today]

Looking to: Look Around
Status: Single
Ethnicity: White/Caucasion
Religion: None/Agnostic
Education: In School
Drinker: Yes
Smoker: No

About Me / Comments

my name is joe. i lke hangging arnd wth my m8 nd hvin a laugh! my nmbr is 07805768771 u cn rng or txt me if u wnt!!!


i like any1 like u!!!!!!!!


no friends.


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*  Comment by chelsea-worts

27/02/2007 13:04:48

hi i like u hu r u ?? ha ha luvs ya x x x x x x x x

*  Comment by chelsea-worts

27/02/2007 14:21:52

soz me mates write dat. u alrite.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

*  Comment by chelsea-worts

27/02/2007 14:25:20

im in skool bored stiff wantin 2 beat da shit out of sum 1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

*  Comment by chelsea-worts

27/02/2007 14:25:57

y u gunna get in a fight wid monner chris?xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

*  Comment by chelsea-worts

28/02/2007 08:43:48

hey u alrite.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

*  Comment by jadekellyclarke

28/02/2007 12:12:44

iya lv u left a comment on mi syt i wud just like to say iya n i am ok r u? n wat skool do u go to n how old r u n i am saved ur numba in mi fone reyt if u want mine it is 07986337267 wb lv jade xxxx

*  Comment by lovehate419

28/02/2007 17:27:32

Hey what u up 2 =)

*  Comment by honey kins

01/03/2007 12:21:41

i'm fine thanks how r u?

*  Comment by hotman

01/03/2007 12:22:26


*  Comment by playgirlfarrah

01/03/2007 12:23:45

elo orite ad me if ya want x wb

*  Comment by honey kins

01/03/2007 12:27:08

on my lunch break

*  Comment by brenna

01/03/2007 15:50:11

hey hottman

*  Comment by darkness_angel

02/03/2007 03:17:54

yo add me to msn to chat darkness_angel1982 bye bye talk later xoxox

*  Comment by xshandy xx

02/03/2007 09:15:48

hi hotma wuu2 reply back xxxxxxxxxxxxx

*  Comment by jadekellyclarke

02/03/2007 13:41:36

well babe i live in barnsley n i am 16 av u got a pic u cn send me babe wb lv jade xxxxx

*  Comment by jadekellyclarke

05/03/2007 13:53:23

tar babe u sound or8 n how old r u again? n wen is next time u cn fone me if it is after friday i will fone u babe coz mi mam gets free weekends its mint lol :P:P well babe wb lvyaz x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

*  Comment by lou-lou

07/03/2007 10:55:43

hey cant look at ur site it wont let me on :( lol x

*  Comment by chaz aka lc

07/03/2007 11:45:45

i am a m8 ov xshandy xx she has been takin 2 u . i haven't been up 2 much u

*  Comment by xshandy xx

07/03/2007 11:45:55

hi ya bbe wuu2 bre bord reply back xxxxxxx

*  Comment by xshandy xx

07/03/2007 11:48:26

hi ya bbe wuu2 bre bord reply back xxxxxxx

*  Comment by stacey471

12/03/2007 11:20:25

ello thxs for the comment hows u? ad me to msn if ya want x

*  Comment by pollypeckers

13/03/2007 09:02:24

Hiya. U seem really nice. Check out my bebo pge. All my stuff is on der. Add me if you like.

*  Comment by grace

13/03/2007 21:44:13

i am 16 years old!!

*  Comment by grace

13/03/2007 21:47:06

thats a picture of me when i was younger!! cause i didn't have another picture of me, i could have put on shareyourpage!

*  Comment by baybii playa

14/03/2007 11:42:47

hya baybii ave u got msn <3xxxxxxxxxx<3

*  Comment by saspirella

13/12/2007 09:15:20

hi hun thankz 4 ur number lv yew nell lvn tez n saspirella xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

*  Comment by saspirella

14/12/2007 21:53:10

i txt u n u tryed to say u dont have a computer