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User: puertolatina
Website: http://pic2.piczo.com/puertorican-latina/
Sex: female
Location: US
Member Since: 22/09/2006
Last Login: 04/10/2007
Profile Views: 1039
Clicks: 1772 [0 today]

Looking to: Make Friends
Status: Married
Ethnicity: Latino/Latin American
Religion: Christian - Other
Drinker: Yes
Smoker: No

About Me / Comments

!!!NEW!!! Please leave me a voice comment. Im Sexy Im Hot come to my Page. Got some Hot stuff for you... And turn ya speekers up you gonna get blast... Kiss ya


I love comments on my Sites. So please come to my page and send me some greetz


I hate getting bored


no friends.


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*  Comment by puertolatina

23/10/2006 20:20:05

Please come to my site... And love it...

*  Comment by sunshine3991

20/11/2006 23:56:36

hey i was just at ur site luv it keep it up :)

*  Comment by karl1

22/11/2006 17:59:35

add me as ur friend how old r u lv karl xxx

*  Comment by paris

22/11/2006 18:18:32

how old r u

*  Comment by puertolatina

22/11/2006 18:22:15

what about you Paris how old are you?

*  Comment by paris

22/11/2006 18:23:05

do u like the boy karl1 i fink he sounds hot but he is 2 old for me r u going out with eny 1

*  Comment by paris

22/11/2006 18:26:18

no it was takeing 2 long 2 load do u fink 17 is 2 old for me

*  Comment by karl1

22/11/2006 18:33:27

can u help me i might ask paris out wat should i say help me plz xxx

*  Comment by paris

22/11/2006 18:36:42

well he is moveing near me soon do u recon i should ask hi out or wait for him xxxxx

*  Comment by paris

22/11/2006 18:40:26

u r relly pritty i bet u get all the men after u

*  Comment by paris

22/11/2006 18:43:43

did he thank u xxx so do ya recon he will ask me

*  Comment by paris

22/11/2006 18:47:29

is that ur boyfriend

*  Comment by karl1

22/11/2006 18:51:50

i am gonna ask her out don"t u fink she is hot xxxxxxxxx

*  Comment by paris

22/11/2006 18:56:34

have a good time speek 2 u 2mora kk xxxxxxxxxx

*  Comment by dboyff1

11/12/2006 18:15:07

whatsup seXXy...make sure u check us out!!!

*  Comment by realsmoker

15/12/2006 16:42:03

hey,I just created my myspace and I was wondering if you wanted to be a friend

*  Comment by babes

17/12/2006 21:57:56

add me as your friend u sound great luv babes

*  Comment by del connect

08/02/2007 09:08:20


*  Comment by yuki_daruma

14/03/2007 16:27:24

Hi im ty can we chat

*  Comment by brown chil3d

23/04/2007 03:32:10

wnna get hot wit me