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User: timmit
Website: http://www.timmitsworld.piczo.com
Sex: male
Location: CA
Member Since: 14/08/2006
Last Login: 13/07/2008
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About Me / Comments

I now only take requests for layouts, done with html codes and stuff. Very easy to find these things on many other sites. May get into doing them again later down the road. Have a look around,and dont forget to write something on my comments or shout board. let me know you`ve been by.


Life,peace,music and most of all my family and friends.I also like when people enjoy my site and leave request to be a friend on there site(s).So Go ahead,inviteby going to my site (timmitsworld.piczo.com).I always like some feed back on what can make my site look better and maybe what I could drop from my site.whatever it maybe,leave it in the guestbook,or shouts.


People trashing sites weather it be mine or someone elses.If you don`t like what you see,simply click off the site,don`t trash it,the person (or) persons may have worked hard on it.


no friends.


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*  Comment by loulou2

14/10/2006 20:47:44

hey my name is louise!!! what is yours???

*  Comment by kiss2me_love

22/10/2006 16:32:18

hi! i like what you've said...don't trush any sites that's not good in your sights... you're a good person i think. can we be friends? i'm not good in using computer, in fact you'll be my first friend here in internet if you permit.

*  Comment by shadowboxer

31/10/2006 04:56:37

Hi htere, well you look more mature than the average on piczo but I bet I bet you by a mile and then some...lol. trash my site? they can say what they want...dont care, I love it! Check me out and sign my guessbook or sign in...Thank you

*  Comment by eh best slut

06/11/2006 13:41:19

awright ma name siobhan how r u

*  Comment by paris

23/11/2006 23:05:33

hi how old r u

*  Comment by jazfairy

30/11/2006 13:40:56

Just sayin hello Tim. ttyl ~Auren~

*  Comment by lilbitsandi

04/12/2006 04:14:25

Thats right If folks aint got something nice to say dont say nothing

*  Comment by jaybee2182

13/12/2006 02:08:48

hi! right u r there about people should just exit the page if they dont like what they see. i just started a new page today, so im sure people will trash it by saying that its so plain, but im just starting

*  Comment by sammiejo

14/12/2006 18:57:55

hey well i am just wondering if i could have a pic of you for my site(sammiejo)thx oh bye the way my name is samm

*  Comment by abbi_2k7

05/01/2007 12:40:55

roxy_498 add me

*  Comment by janetfilter

15/01/2007 13:30:33

hello im janet i think you are really fit

*  Comment by lovemealways**

16/01/2007 20:41:33

hey whats up? what is your name? mine is summer byeeeeee

*  Comment by sweetbabz

26/01/2007 10:52:37

hey waz up?

*  Comment by x-sarah-x-2006

30/01/2007 15:20:10

elo elo elo elo :D

*  Comment by kate69

30/01/2007 15:21:19

do u av any cheese

*  Comment by x-sarah-x-2006

30/01/2007 15:21:53

u know wot im i knew u were comin i woud bake a cake!!!!

*  Comment by kate69

30/01/2007 15:22:12

wud u like some cheese

*  Comment by kate69

30/01/2007 15:22:38

is ur muffin butter

*  Comment by kate69

30/01/2007 15:23:01

wud u like someone 2 butter ur muffin

*  Comment by joanne

02/02/2007 08:27:37

u rite m8 cool syt av u got msn if so add me plz it liljojo92 k luv ya jo xxxxxxxxx

*  Comment by joshisfit

08/02/2007 11:14:06

OIOI Sxc I think your realli HOT Cuz im on fire here Blimey its H--O--T In here Write bk Babey

*  Comment by sexymama

15/02/2007 13:31:37

i wud likek to know u and do u want ot be my friend eve if u don't know me

*  Comment by sexymama

15/02/2007 19:52:55

my names randasha it might be hard to pronounce, but i like what u said.

*  Comment by n8tive_gurl#1

16/02/2007 19:59:44

hi send me a comment

*  Comment by amber10009

18/02/2007 11:24:25

nice page are you on zooped also?

*  Comment by brenna

01/03/2007 15:55:59

you are the hottest thing i have ever seen in my hole life if i could ever meet with wich i am totaly cool with them i sooo would fuck u right them and there i was just wondering if u wanted to cyber with me get more pics>>

*  Comment by billieq06

05/03/2007 12:49:14

hi im billie just woundering what your name is?write bk plz x x

*  Comment by clairendcolinxx

15/04/2007 17:43:38

Check it out plz clairendcolinxx.bebo

*  Comment by netcatchers1

26/04/2007 08:49:38

Hi all today if u don't like the background just delet this message

*  Comment by netcatchers1

28/04/2007 05:05:42

="netcatchers1wow.piczo" target="_blank"> hi from me net

*  Comment by netcatchers1

05/05/2007 06:58:54

="netcatchers1wow.piczo" target="_blank">netcatchers1 hi how are u today?

*  Comment by netcatchers1

08/05/2007 15:03:51

="netcatchers1wow.piczo" target="_blank">Netcatchers1 hi how are u

*  Comment by netcatchers1

30/05/2007 04:19:52

="netcatchers1wow.piczo" target="_blank">hi from me net

*  Comment by chellebee

05/06/2007 14:00:00


*  Comment by netcatchers1

12/06/2007 14:20:52

time for a change

*  Comment by breiqa

12/06/2007 15:33:10


*  Comment by netcatchers1

13/06/2007 03:24:13

="netcatchers1wow.piczo" target="_blank">
netcatchers1wow.piczo hi

*  Comment by chickiebaby

07/08/2007 22:38:20


*  Comment by thebuckfastkid

26/08/2007 15:32:27

hows it going

*  Comment by cray_z_eyez

13/09/2007 12:53:03

="whatscene/x/3371">Thanx For The Add!!!

*  Comment by alicelvzjoe

24/03/2008 22:13:01


*  Comment by alicelvzjoe

24/03/2008 22:13:45


*  Comment by timmit

19/04/2008 19:38:55

Hello everyone, this is timmit. I just wanna thank you all for all the posts. Lol I didnt really know that this part was even on here. So with all the comments and requests for me to be your friend, I am sorry I did not add you, unless you added me by going on my timmitsworld.piczo site. I wish I had of know this message board was on here long time ago. So, come visit me on my piczo site. You can write me on the shoutS/comments page.

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